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By. Syaiful Wahyu - 03 Jan 2023


PT Biru Laut Nusantara (BLN) is a holding company that manages and has an integrated business unit in the seafood industry. Our line of business starts from operating fishing vessels in fishing activities, processing fishery products to distribution to consumers, both local consumers and foreign consumers. With strong integration from upstream to downstream of BLN's business activities, the use of the latest technology in production facilities and fishing fleets, as well as being supported by competent human resource capabilities, make BLN ready to face business challenges and become one of the market leaders in the future, especially in the seafood business.

Our goal is to create business value with our clients to help improve the welfare of fishermen and farmers through collaboration and education as well as sustainable partnerships.

Currently BLN carries out integrated activities in the seafood industry in several locations, including; Dobo-Maluku, Makassar (Makassar), Juwana (Central Java), Cikarang (West Java), Pangandaran (West Java). It is an honor for BLN and its subsidiaries to provide the best fishery products and services by implementing a standardized system in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices, ISO and Halal.

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