Prevention Act to Avoid Seafood Poisoning

By. Nevanda - 24 Mar 2023

img - As we know there are three types of seafood poisoning, ciguatera fish poisoning, shellfish poisoning and scombroid fish poisoning, which each of them has their own symptoms from mild to severe. There are prevention acts and treatment acts you can do to help ease the symptoms.


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Here are some prevention acts for you before picking seafood to consumes:

•    Ciguatera Fish Poisoning
Try to avoid or limit eating fresh reef fish, especially barracuda and moray eel, as they are more likely to cause ciguatera poisoning. Do not eat the fish’s liver, intestines, eggs, or head because they have the highest concentration of toxins.


•    Shellfish Poisoning
Try to avoid potentially contaminated shellfish. If you’re visiting an area that’s recently experienced an algae bloom, sometimes called “red tide” or “brown tide”, it is better to not eat any of the shellfish that has been caught in that area. You also may want to avoid shellfish if you aren’t sure of the water quality where the shellfish come from.


•    Scombroid Fish Poisoning
The best way to avoid scombroid poisoning is to only eat fish that you know has been properly stored. Contaminated fish may looks normal, but it taste peppery, sharp, or salty. Keep in mind that cooking, smoking, or freezing the fish does not prevent scombroid.


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As seafood poisoning is one of the foodborne illnesses, you can treat the person who get sick with common treatment for food poisoning. There are some remedies that you can do if you started to feel mild symptoms, this first aid can help you to ease the pain:

•    Resting Your Body
Simplest way to help your body to heal from food poisoning is resting your body until you are feeling better. Additionally, do not eat or drink for few hours after he onset symptoms. Once you start feel better, you can try to eat gentle and land foods, like crackers. 


•    Stay Hydrate
Dehydration due to common symptoms of food poisoning — diarrhea and vomiting — can cause you to lose a lot of fluid in a short time. A lack of fluids in the body can cause tiredness, weakness, and sometimes even irregular heartbeats. Sports drinks or water with electrolyte tablets can usually ease mild dehydration.


•    Get Some Ginger or Mint Tea
Studies show that ginger roots do relieve nausea in many cases. Mint is also an herb that traditional medicine practitioners say can settle the stomach. It may have a pain-relieving application specific to the gut. Drinking tea can also help you stay hydrated while you are sick.


However, if the symptoms still last for more than three days or it is getting worse you should seek medical help immediately. Doctors may prescribe antibiotics or give IV fluids to rehydrate your body.


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