Oktober 19, 2021
The Importance of Packaging for Frozen Food Products

The Importance of Packaging for Frozen Food Products

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Packaging is a method or treatment of security for food ingredients, so that food, both unprocessed and processed, can reach consumers safely (in terms of quantity & quality).

Packaging is also the science, art and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use.

These activities concentrate on formulat­ing a design of the package and producing an appropriate and attractive container or wrapper for a product. The  main purpose of packaging is to protect the product

Requirements for packaging materials for frozen products

1. Water resistance and low oxygen absorption

2. Strong, elastic, does not break or tear during freezing or storage in frozen   warehouses

3. Does not absorb fish odors or odors from the outside

4. Easy to close tightly (sealable)

5. Shiny and transparent

The efforts to maintain the quality and safety of products to be exported by PT. Biru Laut  Nusantara (PT. BLN) use 3 types of packaging, namely primary packaging, secondary packaging and tertiary packaging.

  • Primary packaging is packaging that is directly attached to the product. The packaging material used by PT. BLN is nylon vacuum plastic.

This vacuum nylon plastic is included in the synthetic polymer product where this plastic has a fairly high level of elasticity and the strength is quite strong. PT. BLN uses vacuum nylon plastic for standard packaging materials for export. Plastic vacuum also has the following advantages:

1. Able to maintain food quality

2. Packaging is not easy to damage

3. Able to minimize product damage so that the nutritional value, composition and protection from outside contamination

  • The secondary packaging is packaging that serves to provide additional protection from primary packaging. In its application, PT. BLN using polyethylene type plastic. Polyethylene plastic is a plastic that is transparent and flexible, has good strength and flexibility. Polyethylene plastic is strong against acids, detergents, alcohols and bases. In addition, PE material is quite strong and can be used at low temperatures because PE material is able to store materials at freezing temperatures up to -50 C.
  • The tertiary packaging is the final part of the entire series of existing packaging processes. Because it is a packaging that is used to combine primary and secondary packaging, usually tertiary packaging is made of cardboard, wood, or cardboard.

PT. Biru Laut Nusantara uses master carton tertiary packaging. The use of this type of packaging will really help manufacturers organize their goods so they don’t scatter everywhere. Tertiary packaging will help the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes of packaging and product delivery.

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